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DegreeOptionsCompletion TimeComments
PhD / JSDAccelerated Option2 Years

1st Year:

  1.Complete All Required Courses
  2. Pass candidacy exam
  3. Present dissertation proposal

2nd Year:

  1. Write and defend your dissertation

3 Year Program3 YearsSame as Years 1 & 2 except that students will enroll in the 8 weeks program instead of the accelerated option

Part-time OptionSpecial Arrangements
Juris Doctorate and EJD
Fast Track Option24 Months(Six Academic Semesters, with no academic breaks or vacations).

Standard OptionThree Years(Six Academic Semesters, with academic breaks and vacation)

Part-time OptionSpecial Arrangements-None-
Master's DegreeOption 19-12 Months

1. Complete all courses
2. Pass the comprehensive exams
3. Submit thesis proposal
4. Write and defend your thesis

Option 22 YearsSame as option 1 but with an extended time and two additional weeks per program
Bachelor's Degree

Specialized Students� Program:

Interested Students should contact the admissions office:

12-18 Months

Bachelors� Degree: Admits only Specialized Students. 

* This program is offered to students with previous college experience or students with many years of work experience.  Students may take courses from our affiliated colleges for additional courses requirements.

* Interested students should contact admissions office