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Master’s Degree Program

The Master’s Degree Program at CIU is an advanced degree program taught by qualified well-rounded professors with doctoral degrees. Each of the master’s programs is designed to provide advanced theoretical and practical skills needed to be successful managers and industry leaders in the student’s particular fields of study. The research skills and knowledge acquired through the program enable students to be well-prepared for the challenges and competition associated with their individual professions. The program further prepares graduates to have the skills needed to be confident, competitive, marketable, and ready to seek a position in today’s fast-driven and challenging job market. Graduates with a master’s degree from CIU earned specialized skills that enable them to be experts in their fields of study.

The program is structured to be completed in 18 Months – 2 years. Students enrolled in accelerated programs can complete their degrees in 9 – 12 months. Please contact the admissions office if you have any questions: