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General Questions

The university is an American online research university. It is in the United States, with  representatives in different parts of the world.

Cavalla International University begun in 1990 as corresponding institution offering professional business classes. It was later approved to grant degrees. In 2005 the university was approved to begin its master’s programs and three years later in 2008, the board of trustees accepted the recommendation of senior faculty members and other consulting professors to grant doctoral degrees. The board of trustees accepted and approved the university to begin offering doctoral degrees in the fall of the same year. 

Online research means the courses are designed to be offered by electronics communications, using the  internet as a teaching tool. Such tools may include the following:  Zoom, Microsoft Edge, Skype, emails, and other means that may be available to the students. Students are also expected to spend to 4-8 hours each week during independent research and writing research projects for their courses. All students are required to work with their mentors.

You can complete the online application or email your application to the admissions office of the university. The admissions office will contact you within week or two. Thereafter, an enrollment information letter will be sent to you once your documents are received and processed. You may contact the office with question:

It means students have the choice to enroll and start their academic year on any day during the year. For example, a student could begin classes two weeks after submitting his/her initial application and making his initial tuition deposit. A student’s academic year is based on the date of enrollment.It means students have the choice to enroll and start their academic year on any day during the year. For example, a student could begin classes two weeks after submitting his/her initial application and making his initial tuition deposit. A student’s academic year is based on the date of enrollment.

The university is a research university. Therefore, students are expected to do independent research. However, the assigned instructors are always available to be reached. Instructors use zoom and other available electronic communication tools to present lectures and to communicate with students. Students can also communicate with their assigned mentors through emails.

The university uses the same kind of textbooks used in traditional universities. Students enrolled in the business school will use textbooks like the course materials used at other business schools. Law school students will use casebooks that are being studied at reputable traditional law schools.  

No. CIU has no residency and campus requirements. All courses are taught online. Learners are not required to attend classes on campus. Professors use Zoom and other electronic means to teach their courses.

No. CIU offers all its programs completely online and the courses are accessible to all Students, wherever, they may reside. Students are required to gain membership or visit the local libraries, obtain the necessary books for their assigned  courses. The internet search results are acceptable research materials and students can use any of the search engines to conduct  their required research topics. 

No. However, students may gather some ideas from research work that were written and submitted by other learners. They must give credits for the work and not plagiarize. Plagiarism is a grand for expulsions.

No. The university is designed for busy working adults. There is no required time to log in for your courses. You can complete a course at your own pace. For example, students can complete some courses faster and others at a slower pace depending on their schedules during the semester. 

The university offers many accelerated semesters and part time longer semester options. Here are the available options: 6 weeks semester for our more aggressive students, 8 weeks semester for the least aggressive students, and the 12 weeks semester for  less aggressive students. 6 weeks semester and longer semesters are also available to students taking their own time for completion 

It means students can pace their own study time. They do not have to submit weekly quizzes, assignments, in groups or take exams on specific dates. They can choose their own flexible study schedule and exams dates. The programs are designed to meet the needs of busy professional and mothers. 

Most of the degrees take anywhere from 9 months to 3 years. For example, students may find the following guidelines to be helpful:

The goal of CIU is to provide excellent, quality, flexible and affordable world-wide education to all students seeking to complete their degrees from a reputable university but cannot afford it economically. In the United States most students completing a bachelor’s degree may be left with $60,000.00 student loans, $30,00.00 - $40,000.00 for master’s degree, $100,000.00 -$150,000.00 for Juris Doctor anywhere from $150,000.00 - $200,000.00.  

High cost for education is not limited to the U.S. Higher Educational Institutions in many countries have become profit making institutions, while leaving students with high student loans or making it impossible for less privileged students to obtain good education.  CIU is offering itself as an alternative for many students around the world to obtain excellent education at a complete low cost.

The cost of a degree various from program to programs and according to the country. Sample of the degree programs are listed below:


No. CIU does not participate in the U.S. Department of Education Financial Aids programs. However, students can make special arrangements for their payments.

No. However, all students must demonstrate that they can speak and write English with complete understanding.  

Barclay School of Law does not require the Law School Admission Test for admission. All students who meet the admission’s requirements are admitted to the Law School. 

Yes, but not for all courses. The management and science programs are designed to be research and projects oriented. Students are required to submit a project at the end of each course or applied what was learned in a course. Proctors are required for all courses taught at the Barclay School of Law.

CIU does have private ceremonies for graduating students when requested. Students are spread around the world, therefore, it is generally difficult to have public ceremony for everyone to attend. The option for public ceremony is always available to all graduating students. Degrees are generally mailed to students.