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Cavalla International University is an online research university. The university uses many means to enable students to acquire in-depth knowledge of their area of concentration. Students, together with their faculty mentors plan an academic road map, which include the writing of essays, research papers, projects, oral and written exams. Online courses are designed to cater to individual needs that promote individual attention through designated advisors and faculty mentors. Advisors and faculty mentors bring wealth of knowledge to the students, backed by actual work experience. CIU offers many outstanding degree programs. See below:


Bachelor of Management and Science

The University offers specialized bachelorís degree program to selected qualified students with previous college experience or with many years of work experience. Please contact the admissions office for details:


The Master degree is designed to provide advance knowledge, skills and practical assimilation of the knowledge needed to be successful managers and leaders in the studentís industry of specialization. The research skills and knowledge acquired through the program allow students to be prepared for the challenges and competition associated with their industry. The research work and practice acquired by the students prepared them to be well grounded and rounded for their profession and to get up to date knowledge of the industry.


The Doctor of philosophy at CIU is the most advance qualification that is offered at the university. The program is designed to be intensive but with the focus of both theory and practice. Our students are prepared to be industry leaders and to contribute to their communities academically and professionally. The program provides in depth skills, knowledge, up to date knowledge of current practices and effective research skills. The research work and practice acquired by the students prepared them to be well grounded and rounded for their profession and to be good researchers.


The Juris Doctorate Degree (JD) is for students who intent to practice law or gain full understanding of the law (check with your state for law practice requirements). However, the Executive Juris Doctorate Degree program is designed for executives or business leaders that are interested in possessing both legal and business skills. Students of the EJD are enrolled in selected JD and business classes. The Juris Doctorate degree is usually the first law degree for student studying law. The post Graduate degrees, the master of Law (LLM) and Doctor of Juridical Science (JSD) are for professional specialization and are designed to enable graduates of their area of specialization to be highly qualified. These students would be able to contribute to their area of concentration academically, through writing, research and teaching or being a particular expert and consultant. The law school also offers other legal education for non-lawyers.