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Home of the MPM Master Project Manager & CIPM

We are the world's leading and most trusted partner with Home of the MPM - Master Project Manager & CIPM - Certified InternationalProject Manager Certification Programs.

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ACCE Inc (Association of Certified Chartered Econ

ACCE Inc (Association of Certified Chartered Economists) is a professional body professional body organized under the auspices of the prestigious American Academy of Financial Management AAFM (with membership in over 150 countries and in alliance with 560 universities) meant to regulate the conduct and activities of the Economics profession globally.

Africa Environmental Watch (AEW)

AEW is to provide environmental expertise geared towards improving the quality of life in Africa through educational awareness, behavioral change communication and an action plan change communication and an action plan of adaptation to climate variability that would lead to a saver.

AAFM American Academy of Financial Management

The International Board of Standards of The AAFM is the world-s fastest growing professional standards board with more than 300,000 members, associates and affiliates in 155+ countries. The US headquarters for the International Board of Standards exclusively awards its registered certifications & board designations to qualifying candidates who meet the highest professional standards and assessment criteria. The US Board and Headquarters accredits and approves official AAFM certification training programs worldwide where the AAFM has hundreds of approved educational programs that are registered under the quality control policies. . The AAFM Standards Board has been at the forefront of accredited education and exam standards for over a decade and works directly with accreditation agencies and governments to enforce the highest certification standards.

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Validential Credential Evaluations

World Educational services

American International Tax Advisers

Business Class Asia

Thomas Jefferson School of Law

New Hampshire School of Law

George Washington University Law School

University of St. Thomas 

Concordia University

University of Minnesota

University of Chicago medical school

Southern New Hampshire University

George Mason University

Nova Southeastern University

Hamline University

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