LLM/MSL/SJD Programs

Barclay of Law offers concurrent degrees in LLM/MLS/SJD at Barclay College of Law is the most advanced law degree offer in legal education.  The Program provides advanced legal and research skills to legal scholars interested in obtaining intense training in academic research, geared primarily to those intending to pursue a career in academia and scholarly research. The program prepares students to produce first-class scholarships with a view to a teaching career. Students in the Master of Laws or Master of Legal students can enroll concurrently in the LLM/MLS/SJD program.

Students selected for the program are current students at Cavalla International University – Barclay College of Law who have demonstrated outstanding academic standing in all their academic work. Therefore, only a very small number of students from the Master of Laws and the Master of Legal studies of students are admitted or allowed to continue in SJD program.

Note: Enrollment in this program is limited to very few students each year.