JD/MBA Programs

Barclay College of Law and the Graduate School offer combined degree programs leading to JD Degree (Juris Doctor) and an MBA (Master of Business Administration). The Coordinate JD/MBA is designed for students interested in Completing Interdisciplinary academic and research work at Cavalla International University. Students admitted to the dual degree programs are usually interested in pursuing advanced academic and research career opportunities. Students selected for the programs are expected to be initiative-taking and strong candidates who may be interested in teaching posts at law schools and other graduate programs. They will work with faculty advisors in both the law college and the graduate school.


Cavalla International University accelerated program offers four academic semesters in a calendar year without breaks. Therefore, students in the combined degree program can complete the entire program in about four years. During the first two years students will enroll in the Juris Doctor program and the remaining two years for the PhD program.

Note: Enrollment in this program is limited to very few students each year.