CIU Research Papers

Research is a central part of learning at Cavalla International university (CIU). In fact, one of the primary requirements for students enrolled at Cavalla International University is for them to learn the art and intricacy involved in writing quality research papers. Some of the graduate students’ research papers approved for publication will be published on CIU research papers platform.

Undergraduate and graduate students engage in extensive research projects throughout their stay at the university. Research and Publishing requirements vary widely across disciplines; some graduate students may publish as single authors and others may publish as a team, collaborating as authors on research projects and publishing the results.

Graduate students seeking peer-to – peer reviewed publication opportunities should consult with professors and graduate students in their department about how to publish and locate journals reputable in your field of study. Faculty members, Staff and students are encouraged to submit research papers for approval for publication. For inquiries and information concerning research papers and publication, please message the research publishing team at