CIU Published Articles

The purpose of Cavalla International University (CIU) Published Article page is to encourage graduate students to begin their journey of writing academic journal articles and research papers. Graduate students are required to publish at least 2 academic journal articles before their graduation. CIU recognizes the importance of developing solid stacks of academic writings, which help expose graduates’ students research abilities to both the professional academic community and to other necessary professional communities that may require evidence or sample of the students’ writings. Therefore, the publishing page is designed specifically to enable students to publish academic Journals.

Faculty and staff members and other members of CIU Global Community are encouraged to submit articles for publication. Those interested or required to publish academic journals are encouraged to develop a peer –to– peer review community to share ideas and to broaden their abilities to write. Approved Journals articles are regularly published to this page once they are received and processed. For inquiries and information regarding submission of articles please message the Published Articles team at