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CIU Newsletter team invites you to subscribe to the University Monthly newsletter, our newsletter is for our global community who are supporting Cavalla International University (CIU) and are potential CIU applicants. The newsletter aims to keep you up to date with key news and events about admissions and outreach at Cavalla International University, so that you can offer your students interested in studying at the university the best possible support. The newsletter is usually posted by the end of each month and is distributed by email during each semester.

Please share any information about your achievements or achievements of any member of our Global Community. We are very much interested in hearing about you, what you are doing and about the success stories of other members. Please write about your experiences at CIU and your life journey since you became part of Cavalla Nation and for some, after your graduation. Faculty members, Staff members and other members of are Cavalla Nation are encouraged to write and submit news articles, information about their achievements or share those ideas with CIU News Team.
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